Topics in Military & Deployment Psychology


"Topics in Military & Deployment Psychology" provides in-depth training on deployment spectrum issues facing our Service members, their families, and military behavioral health providers. This course, which is offered four to five times a year, is taught not only by CDP staff, but also by distinguished guest speakers with expertise in military behavioral health and deployment psychology.

Eligible Audience:

This course is primarily geared toward uniformed behavioral health providers from all branches of the military. Attendees have included military psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, physician assistants, chaplains, and clinical nurse practitioners. While a large number of the attendees are established uniformed providers, many are currently in their internship or residency year and represent the newest generation of tri-service junior officers in the DoD.

Course Content:

The five-day course covers three broad topic areas identified as particularly key to the care of Service members and their families:

1. General Military/Deployment Psychology: addresses the unique demands that Service members and behavioral health providers may experience, both while deployed and in garrison. It also examines topics related to the impact of deployment and reintegration on the Service member and the family.

2. Key Clinical Issues: focuses on key clinical conditions and critical issues seen in Service members, with an emphasis on traumatic brain injuries, sleep disorders, suicide, and sexual assault, as well as military efforts on prevention and intervention. Resources for military behavioral health providers are also discussed.

3. Use of Evidence-Based Psychotherapy (EBP) in the Military: participants learn evidence-based approaches to assess and treat PTSD, suicidal behavior, and sleep problems. Attention is given to EBP implementation and consultation unique to military populations.

In addition to the three areas listed above, a common course theme is the complicated dual relationship uniformed behavioral health providers face inherent to balancing the needs of the military with those of the individual Service member. Ethical dilemmas and self-care are routinely presented from multiple perspectives throughout the course. The tri-service nature of the course also allows for a unique learning experience, including discussions of first-hand deployment experiences.


All five-day courses are held at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland, on the campus of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.


There is no registration fee for attending this program.

  • The CDP has funds to support travel and per diem expenses for a limited number of Active Duty and Reserve Component personnel.

2015 Training Schedule:

  • 2-6 February 2015
  • 16-20 March 2015

Registration Request:

For registration information, please contact Elizabeth Rishkofski at